Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - am I becoming to be?

Am I turning to be that wicked Step Mother? or maybe the wicked Grandmother? I hope not.  But after taking care of the Grandchildren yesterday, I said to myself that I would never agree to do this job again.  The baby cried most of the time except for the 45 minutes nap and another 20 minutes of nap.  She did not want to stay in the playpen and cries until I picked her up.  My left arm is actually in pain from carrying all that weight.  I have today and tomorrow which totals another 10 hours.  Honestly it's not that I don't like children because I love my two but they were the best when they were little.  They were very easy to care for and maybe I just got lucky.  Maybe when the baby gets a little older and can play with her brother, then I don't think I won't be complaining as much.  I just don't want to turn into the wicked witch of the West!!! Wish me luck today and tomorrow as I will definitely need all the luck and of course a ton of patience. 

Maybe I should have bought this game and played prior to actually babysitting!

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