Thursday, July 5, 2012

Truthful Thursday - I want one of this

During my training day at the Deep Cliff Golf Course, I notice a very different golf shoes.  It's kinda like the crocs but not as it's made by Dawgs.  After training I had lunch and was going to try them but I decided to golf instead.  I forgot to ask for the price plus my discount.  When I got home, I checked on line and there's so many colors to choose from.  I am contemplating on getting one for sure.
Golf Spirit Dawgs Women's shoe colors 

The one I saw at the Pro Shop is the white/peacock.  Now that I see all these colors, I am thinking of getting either the lime green or soft pink.  They are so light and feels comfy.  Of course before ordering, I will definitely have to try them on.

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  1. I bet you are going to get the white and lime green...