Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Twenty eight more sleeps

After my daughter sent me her itinerary for her upcoming visit, I started counting sleeps.  Today there's 28 more sleeps and maybe I should start thinking of what we can do during her 8 days in very sunny and hot California.  I am sure I won't have any problem thinking of filling up these days.  Let me see, if I know my daughter very well, here's my list and maybe when she reads this, she will comment on her likes and dislike.
  1. Shopping at Gilroy Outlet
  2. Take Gamble to Gilroy Gardens for the day
  3. Spend an afternoon at the Petroglyph Ceramic Store
  4. Stop by the Psycho Donut before shopping at Ross & Target
  5. Spend an afternoon at Santana Row and then have dinner at one of her favorite restaurant.
  6. Watch a good movie at Oakridge Mall and stop after for a snack of ROTI Bun and Bubble tea.
  7. Go out to a nice dinner for Jeff's (step dad) birthday.
  8. Spend the day with her cousin in Downtown San Francisco.
As you can see, the days could get filled so quickly, I did not even get a chance to add a road trip to one of the tourist spot she has not visited.  I am sure our evenings will be filled watching TV or maybe playing Wii.  I hope she will have some energy to do Just Dance 3 with me.  She mentioned she would like to go for a walk around the block.  What was funny is that she requested that I don't feed her a lot of food.  
If you have have 8 days to spend with your daughter or your mother, what will be on your list?  Do you have a great relationship with your daughter?  I am so lucky to have an awesome relationship with my daughter but unlucky because we live so far apart.  
Mississauga, Ontario


  1. You are correct, I want to do all of that, plus happy hour at PF Changs! I would also like to hit a food truck and watch a movie (because you and I have not watched a movie in a long time). I can't wait to see you!