Monday, July 30, 2012

Murky Monday - not good enough

Have you heard of the expression Good Enough for the Government?  My MIL seems to use this a lot and it makes me laugh.  But now it's not funny because Jeff has been having a lot of issues with regards to his landscaping projects.  It all started because some neighbor was very nosy and was checking out the work being done on our front yard and back yard.  Anyway while we were away on vacation, some inspector came by and was looking around.
To make the long story short, the city wanted a bunch of paper work and eventually some money for a permit.  Jeff has been going to the government offices in order to try and sort out what exactly they needed.  So far he has just been given the run around.  Most of the sections are close on Friday or the workers do not deal with the public on Fridays.  Last Friday is when he found out about all this but even when he was able to speak with someone, all they do is tell him to go there, take a number and when he did, they would say something like, you have to go to another section and more papers, etc.  We tried going on line and find out exactly but even that did not answer all the question Jeff has.  To make the matter worst, you cannot make an appointment, you have to appear at their office, take a number and hope to get an appointment, come back with whatever paper they require in the hopes that what you brought is correct.  Then at some point some inspector might or might not come to the site to check out what exactly if we meet what they think is required.  Just to let you know that this project started the first week of June.  We are at the end of July and it is still all MURKY.  This is why if at all possible, you don't want to deal with anything that will involve any level of government.  The saga continues and if and when it ends, it will definitely be posted.
I found this when I was searching for the Good Enough for the Government expression.

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