Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet Sunday - Something new

Just a few new things that I wanted to share and because I have been watching too much coverage of the Olympics and don't have the time to be creative and do interesting post.
Last week while doing my groceries, I was in search of a new type of soda.  Since this particular one I saw was only sale with Sierra Mist and A&W Rootbeer, I decided to try it.
The only thing wrong with this new soda is the amount of sugar.  The good thing is that I can use it when I need a sugar fix when my results are very low. Here is it is, introducing TAMARINDO SOL.
Sorry, I was too lazy to take another photo.
This past week, Jeff and I have been watching some different shows.  One is about houses and the other two about families.  Now you are probably wondering what you have been missing too.  Actually it might not be that interesting but when there is nothing else to watch this is what we picked.
  • House Hunters and House Hunters International
  • American Colony - Meet the Hutterites
  • Sullivan & Son

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