Saturday, July 7, 2012

Semi Saturday - Wimbledon almost over

Because Maria Sharapova did not make it to the Semi and Finals of the Ladies Single Wimbledon, I won't even watch the match.  Not only that, Serena is playing and you know how I feel about her.  I was disappointed when I saw the semi finals last Thursday.  She played with Azarenka and she gave it all she had.  But unfortunately Serena won.  What I cannot stand is the interview she gives after a match.  The way she rolls her eyes, the way she responds and the content of the interview.  It looks and sounds all so fake and so annoying.  I still think she should take some lessons in media relations or watch some of the other players interview.  Anyway, there's still the Men's Semi Finals which will be much more interesting.  Both Federer and Djokovic are actually playing against each other.  This will be one exciting match.

This weekend is also the US Open LPGA and I have recorded both the third and fourth round.  A lot of coverage to breeze through and I am loving this weekend.  I almost forgot that Tiger Woods is also playing at the Greenbrier Classic.  It will be a real surprise if I can get any housework done.  Maybe I could just do my ironing since I can do it while the TV is on.  
This deer was on #12th hole at the Deep Cliff Golf Course.
If you look really close, there are two baby bunny in the shade. This is from the same Golf Course #14 hole.

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