Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Emergency Preparedness

After all the worries I was having about babysitting, I ended up not doing it yesterday but will still be doing it for the next three days.  While tidying up, I found once of the AARP newsletter that I have not read.  One great article was about having these 50 items that are essential for being prepared for emergency in case of natural disaster - hurricane, earthquakes, fire or flood.  My husband have some already in a box but this checklist was easy to do and I thought of sharing it just in case.

This is one project that you can work on every time you find yourself bored and have nothing to do.  In no time you will have it completed and you will be glad you did.  Hopefully we could complete this task within a month.  Maybe start with the first aid kit the first week and then do the next group the week after.  The last task may take a bit longer to organize as there's a lot of papers to copy and to scan if you plan to do an electronic back up.  If you have something similar and all completed, maybe you can share it with our other bloggers.  
Samples of the food packages that Jeff bought as part of our Emergency Food Supply

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