Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome Wednesday - Canadian Friends

Our fourth Canadian visitors (friends) arrived last night after their week of camping in the Yosemite National Park.  We saw them in Vancouver when we did our road trip to BC.  They drove from Vancouver to California and the next couple of days they will be hanging out with us at our CPBB.  I know that they love seafood so I will be serving some shrimp and fish tacos with fresh Blanca Salsa.  In addition to this, I have marinated some pork for grilling and it will be similar to Tacos Al Pastor (pork, salsa and pineapple).  Of course it won't be complete without the standard Mexican Carne Asada which I buy at my favorite Mercado.  For drinks we will serve Sangria, Margarita or a variety of Beer.  I am still debating what dessert to make (Leche Flan or my special fruit salad).  I bought some personal watermelon which I am hoping it will be sweet.  Last night I injected some vodka and kept in the fridge.  It should taste really cool for tonight's dessert.  We plan to play a bit of tennis and maybe they'll be doing some day trips somewhere.  We welcome James and David to our CPBB and I know they are looking forward to sleeping in a comfy bed and eating home cooked meals.


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