Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why Wednesday - I wonder WHY

Do you ever wonder why people do things that are either inconsiderate or just plain disgusting?  Yesterday while playing tennis at a nice public tennis court, I noticed some dark brown items at one corner where our ball rolled out.  When I got closer I realized what they were.  Thank goodness the tennis ball did not touch it.  So my question is, why would you take your dog inside the tennis court and let it do it's business and then not pick it up.  If these people don't care and don't pick up after their dog, I am just wondering what their house would be like.  You know what is even more disgusting is going to a home and right in their front door are a couple of dirty diapers.  Now why would someone not just put it in their garbage can or the outside trash can.  Can you just imagine what other people would say when they see this.  Talking about first impression.  Which brings me to women who have nail polish that are all chipped or maybe tiny pieces left.  Why can't they just removed it and their finger nails and toes would look cleaner instead of having what I call nail polish left over.  When it comes to my feet, I am really careful being a Diabetic.  You will never catch me walking with bare feet.  So why would anyone walk around public places without shoes or any type of footwear.  I remember seeing a couple of young girls at some restaurant who took their flip flops off and decided to sort of sit with their feet on the chair and it was disgusting to see the bottom of their feet.  It was so filthy dirty- almost black.  I was just glad that when I saw this, we were done with our meals.

Have you seen any of these unacceptable display?  Do you have some experience that have disgusted you?  Do you ask the same question WHY or do you just ignore and forget?
Make the ultimate statement with some chipped nail polish

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