Monday, July 16, 2012

Maybe Monday - Math Recall

Remember the saying "what you don't use, you lose".  If your previous job does not involve a lot of Math or if you do, a calculator is provided.  Last night my husband had to give me a crash course of ELAPSE TIME.  The truth is, Math is not my favorite subject in school and I honestly can say I suck at it.  But as part of my volunteer as a Starter at the Golf Course,  I am required to notate the start time and end time for the Front 9. The start times are easy and the end time at the 9th hole is also easy but sometimes I miss them when I get busy.  My problem is calculating the elapse time and I know it's not hard but I seem to have lost the ability to do it quickly.  After a few tests and I was starting to get the hang of it, my geeky husband said "I am sure there's an APP for that on your phone".  Sure enough he found one, added it to my phone and TA TADA DA!!!  It's like magic.  Now on my next shift, I will be just entering the times and instantly get the correct elapse time.  Thanks to the APPS Market and to technology, I can now record a perfect elapse time.  On another subject, although my Math skill is not the best, I consider myself a very good speller - maybe good enough for the next Senior Spelling Bee Contest.

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