Thursday, July 19, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Customer Service

Every now and again, I like completing surveys because sometimes I think it's fun answering the different questions and of course sometimes there is a benefit to completing it.  But last night, I completed a survey because I did not like what happened during my shopping experience at the Bed, Bath and Beyond store.  It was almost closing time and I was the second in line.  The customer before me had a little issue with his credit card and ended up not completing the transaction and had to leave the merchandise.  Once I was at the check out, the female cashier and the male supervisor started talking about the customer that had issues with the credit card.   They made some comments and sort of making fun of the situation.  The male associate was bragging that he has five credit card with NO LIMIT.  Truthfully, I think they were rude because they were talking about it in front of another customer.  They did not even wait until I was finished with the transaction.  The female cashier told me that I could complete the survey and receive 20% OFF COUPON.  As soon as I got home, I logged on and completed the survey.  I don't understand how this people work at retail and have customer service etiquette.

A few years ago while visiting my BFF in Ottawa, something similar to the above story happened at a store called Giant Tiger.  Lorna and I were shopping for some items and while in line at the checkout, Cashier A (an older woman), the other Cashier B (young girl) asked a question from Cashier A.  She responded so rudely and made derogatory remarks that Cashier B was almost in tears.  Lorna told me to leave all our items at the checkout and told Cashier A that we don't want to support a store who are so disrespectful to their employees.  Once outside, I told Lorna, "but I wanted those items" and she replied "you'll get over it".   

Have you walked out of a store because you did not like the service?  Have you voiced out your opinion then walk out?  Do you like completing surveys so you can vent out your disappointments?

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