Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tooties Tuesday - Flops and Dawgs

Summertime is when you expose your feet a lot when wearing flip flops or sandals.  The great part of living in San Jose is that I could almost wear my FF year round.  If you remember my blog about my flip flops, well on Saturday while out with my girlfriend Nikki, I could not help it and added two more FF to my collection.  The price was so good (2 for $5). 

After my first day of volunteer at the golf course, I decided to try the Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes.  The only colors they have are white and peacock (not my size) and white and pink.  It was so comfy, light, and cool.  The price was a great deal also, much cheaper than the ones I saw online (Golfsmith and Amazon).  Now when I wear it, it will also match my golf bag.


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