Saturday, December 1, 2012

So not fair Saturday - Tim Horton's please

While helping my MIL look for new coffee flavors at Bed Bath and Beyond, you cannot believe what I saw.  Tassimo now has a Tim Horton's flavored coffee and available in our area.  The biggest problem is that those cups will not fit our Keurig Coffee Maker.  How is it that Tim's made it for Tassimo and not K-cups.  Is it because Tassimo is more popular in Canada?  Even having so many flavors available in K-cups, I miss my Tim Horton's coffee.  I wonder if I wrote to the company and beg for them to start making some because their competitors are selling a lot.  I am sure that they already have an answer ready.  Oh bother
I guess I will just wait until my daughter says that she found Tim's K-cups and she bought some for me to try.  To my Canadian friends, if any of you find out Tim's is selling K-cups, you might get a chance to win a three night stay at our B&B.  

It's not fair but then again K-cups have so many flavors available and there's always new ones arriving at the stores.

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  1. Sorry, I think it was me who told you that K-cups were coming out with Tim Horton's stuff. I guess I was wrong and it was Tassimo. Hopefully one day, they will come out with K-cups.