Friday, December 7, 2012

Friendly Friday - Pre Christmas get together

About a month ago, after playing poker with Jeff's friends from work, I was tasked to organize a bowling night for couples.  Since they don't have a Christmas party at their workplace, we thought of getting together for the holidays with Jeff's closest friends.  I coordinated everything and even made an invitation.  Although there's not a large number of attendees, we know that we will have fun and have some festive drinks and snacks.
Most of us are not real bowlers or have not bowled for a very long time so we know we will be having lots of laughs.  One co-worker warned the rest of the group NO LAUGHING as she apparently has not bowled for a really long time.  The great part of this event is that this particular venue has great menu, so we know we won't be eating hot dog, chips or popcorn.

I know that it's not real bowling when you play Wii, which is too bad because I have a special PRO ball on Wii and have gotten many Turkeys.  

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