Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Tuesday - Food review SJ Marketplace

This past weekend we went out for dinner with a new couple.  I say new because Jeff and I have never met the husband of my new friend Luz.  We decided to try out the new San Jose Market downtown.  Inside they have a wide variety of food places where you order your food but anyone can pick from any of the type of food each prefers.  Jeff and I saw this one called Little Chef Counter.  What attracted me to this one is that one of their menu was called Classic Poutine.  Of course being Canadian and have lived in Eastern Canada, Poutine is one of my favorite.  I ordered a small dish and also ordered a Pork Chop dish while Jeff picked the Fish and Chips.  Our friends "the new couple" took a while to make their choice but ended up with the Pork Chop dish.  They also ordered a Greek Salad from Robee's Falafel.
Once our food were on the table, we remembered to take photos and so I am sharing them.
The common comment from all four of us was that everything was SALTY.  The poutine was lacking the perfect gravy, the cheese curds were way too big and of course it was also salty.  Due to the saltiness of our food, we were forced to order some type of dessert and of course drink more beer.  Luz and I decided to try the Cre-Paris which sells a variety of crepes.  She chose the Nutella with Banana and Strawberry while I picked the popular Crepes Suzette.  We were very pleased with what we chose and the sweetness of these Crepes took over the very very SALTY meals that we had.

 YES - Cre-Paris
NO - Little Chef Counter 
MAYBE - Firehouse # 1 

See how big the curds are and where's the gravy?
It's too bad that it was very salty because the combination of potatoes, kale and pork chop was good.
We really enjoyed this simple dessert and I would try something different next time.

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