Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trial Thursday - Christmas gift ideas

Although not into Christmas shopping, I have to truthfully say that I have been busy trying to make different items to add to my collection of gift ideas.  On Tuesday, I was so motivated and it was a great day for making new things.  Since it was another rainy day, it was good to stay home and just be creative.  I am sure you are getting excited to see what I have made so far.  You are probably wondering how you could make all those in one day.  It's possible to make more as long as I don't take a nap and don't turn the TV on so I don't get side tracked.
Microwave Potato Bags (instructions inside)
Jewelery Case for travel
Apron for the cook at Jane's cafe.
Purple Android cell phone case for a friend and the green polka dots is for my Galaxy S3
Next sewing day will be on Tuesday because I have 3 orders of the Potato Bag and I will probably try a new project that is easy to make but at the same time really fun to do.

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