Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weightful Wednesday - Is that even a word?

It does not matter if it's a word or not, for me it means that I have extra weight and I am full.  This also means that it's time to stop gaining more weight.  I really don't understand why it's so easy to put it on but it's so difficult to take it off.  There must be an easier way to do it and I am sure there are numerous way to lose those ugly unwanted pounds but it's not easy.  Here's an interesting fact, on Christmas eve, Jeff and I played tennis for an hour and 15 minutes because when we woke up, it was sunny and blue sky.  After checking two courts which are both wet from the rain, we finally found one which was dry and only a couple of small wet spot.  I decided to weigh myself prior to breakfast and then again after playing tennis.  It was a surprise because I lost two pounds within a span of three hours.  Maybe I really need to do some very regular work out in order to shed some of these unwanted pounds.  Truthfully I get very scared when I reached a certain weight and I start measuring my meals and avoid eating out.  My hula hoop routine is also suppose to help keep my waistline trimmer but it takes a lot to see some result.  I am not going to make some new year's resolution that I cannot keep, so I will just say that it's time to really be mindful of my health.  Workout equals weightless.  

For all my Canadian family and friends - Happy BOXING Day.  I hope that Santa brought you something nice because you were all so good this year.  As for me, as usual, I did not get anything because I had been NAUGHTY all year.  Wait a minute, let me show you what I got.

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