Friday, December 21, 2012

Fine Friday - Are you really?

In a satisfactory or pleasing manner, very well, nicely, good.  That's what the dictionary defines the word FINE.  A long time ago a friend of mine ask me if I knew what fine really meant, so I replied with how it was defined in the dictionary.  And then he explained the meaning of the acronym.  At that time I thought my friend was so clever (this was before Google).  After that I was not very comfortable saying that "I'm fine" and pick some other way to describe exactly how I feel. 
  • F - @#%*! up
  • I -  Insecure
  • N - Neurotic
  • E - Emotional 
After last Friday's school shooting, one might ask if there will be a day when those people who lost their loved ones are going to be fine.  I believe it's the shooter that is definitely fine.  I wonder how many times his parents ask him "how are you doing today? and his response "I'm FINE".  

It has been a week and the country is still talking about the tragedy.  The parents are still processing what happened to their children.  The children are wondering what happened to their parent or grandparents.  When you lose a child, you will never be FINE.  You just try to move on with life and hope that one day you will stop asking why. It has been over four years since my son died and I am not FINE (see above), but I am alive and I'm doing OK.

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