Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sitting Saturday - Babysitting that is

Gamble for an overnight as he is such an easy going boy to look after.  My problem is the baby who requires a lot of attention and is very hard to please.  She cries when she does not see her Dad.  She cries when we have to change her diapers and it takes two people to do it.  I am not sure what it is but she does not want to be held either.  What she loves to do is walk around from the living room to the dining room and kitchen and keeps going around in circles. Sometimes when she is so content with that, then Gamble tries to play with her and she starts crying again.  She calms down when you give her her bottle, but how much can she drink?  I feel bad for Jeff because on Sunday I have to leave both kids with him because I have to do my volunteer in the afternoon.  I am really hoping that this is going to be only a once a month thing and not every other weekend.  Maybe when Greenlee is a bit older, it might be less stressful and actually more fun when she is able to communicateIt all boils down to me being old and not having much patience when it comes to crying and consistent attention.  According to their parents they are really easy to care for, like just give her the bottle and put on the Sponge Bob cartoon channel and that's it. 

A very tired little girl.

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