Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three on Tuesday - How long does it last?

Today is about crying babies, only because of our babysitting experience this past weekend.  I cannot recall any continuous crying when we use to look after Gamble when he was younger.  He was so easy baby sitting and would only cry (very little) when hungry or wet.  It was only easy when bed time comes and to this day, we would let him know what the schedule is and he was fine with thatEven though it has been ages since my children were small, I don't have any recollection of them having one of those crying hissy fits.  That is why I am having a difficult time with the other grand kid.  It's either she's very spoiled or she's just harder to please.  So how long do you let her cry?  
  • YES - according to some books and other experienced parents, let them cry between 5 to 15 minutes before giving up.  Usually they fall asleep before the 5 minutes is up.
  • NO - it's very difficult for me to listen to her crying because it's very high pitched and very loud.
  • MAYBE - the next time, we might just have Gamble only instead of bothI am sorry but I really don't have the patience and energy to look after two very young little people. I guess I am the wicked step grand mother from the East. Oh bother.
Not sure who this is but you get the idea?

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