Thursday, November 29, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Ban on eating out

After my sister's visit and the holidays, Jeff and I decided to take a break from eating out for at least a few weeks.  I said a few weeks because with Christmas around the corner, I am sure where will be invitations to go out with other couples for a get together prior to the holidays, etc.  truthfully, I am not into Christmas this year and therefore shopping for gifts will be difficultSorry, I got side tracked there.  Here are the photos of foods we have tried for the last couple of weeks.

Pastrami sandwich from Max's in Redwood City, Ca.  I thought this was the Max's from Manila, wrong.  I have never been served with a sandrwich that was cut in several pieces.  Very cute.
Chicken Kabobs from the House of Kabobs in Sunnyvale, CA.  The chicken was so tender and moist and I love those red type of berries. I can't remember the name but this rice dish was so great with chicken.
Pork BBQ from the Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in Milpitas, CA.  It was a bit fatty but the flavor was similar to the Filipino BBQ.
Chicken Fried Steak at Margaret's Cafe in Jackson Rancheria Casino and resort.  Can you believe this is for one order.  My sister and I shared this plate and we did not finish it.
As you can see from all these photos, this is the reason why we have to stay away from eating out.  Jeff and I will have return to normal schedule and eat home cooked meals.  Last night I made a light turkey rice vegetable soup.  We each had a bowl and one hawaiian bun with melted cheese. 

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