Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wild Wednesday - 12-12-12

What does this mean? Is it a day to buy a lottery ticket?  Do you believe in numbers and their meaning?  I think I would like to do my own interpretation by picking the 12 countries that I have been and why it was memorableThis is not in any order,  just what I can recall.
  1. Beijing, China - seeing the Great Wall and going up and down on their chair lift.  This was one of the most traumatic ride of my life.
  2. Rome, Italy - stopping by the Trevi Fountain and actually throwing a coin and making a wishAfter that my friend Alex and I stopped by a Dunkin' Donuts to get a Caramel Machiato Coffee.
  3. London, England - My BFF Percy and I checked out one of their dance clubs and while dancing, a blast of fog from the machine covered the whole dance floor and I could not locate my friend. It was a bit scary but funny after he found me.
  4. Akosombo, Ghana - It was some hotel outside of the city and it was a little scary when the taxi had a flat tire. Thank God that my colleague helped the driving to change tire in a flash so we could be on our way. 
  5. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - The hotel that we were staying had a Filipino Band performing at their club.  It only took one drink and I was on the stage singing a duet with one of the band member.
  6. Kiev, Ukraine -While working there, it was nice to have a driver who took me to and from work and sometime stopping for groceries.  It makes me feel very special.
  7. Tallin, Estonia -The restaurant that we found was beautifully decorated for the holidays.  The building is like an old house that was transformed into a restaurant.  I remember this so well because it was the first time I tried ChateauBriand for two.
  8. Punta Reinas, Costa Rica - My first all inclusive resort vacation with two BFF.  Aside from having a great time for 7 days, this was the first time I had my hair braided - a total of 52, cost $1 per braid.
  9. Frankfurt, Germany - Looking for a place to have dinner, we stumble into a small restaurant that served the best Schnitzel.  The flavor and the portion was excellent.
  10. Dubai, UAE - We decided to take the day trip of the dessert.  A Lexus SUV took us up and down the dessert.  It's like being on a roller coaster only not as high.  It was the first time I felt how hot the Arabian sand was.
  11. Warsaw, Poland - It was wonderful to have someone who takes you out to dinner and have your own private tour guide. We were lucky to be friends with one of the LOT airlines steward in chargeWe stopped by a totally different type of bar where each section reminded me of the Three Little Pigs - one made of straw, one with wood and the last one bricks.
  12. Brussels, Belgium - Walking around certain parts of the city, we stumble into one of their square filled with big balloon with a decorated Christmas tree inside.  But one of the most popular spot is called the Manneken Pis.  

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