Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wishful Wednesday - All inclusive birthday

Wouldn't be nice to celebrate my birthday next year for seven days?  Yes that will be for sure different because normally one would celebrate their birthday on the day of.  But what if we go and some of my family and some of my friends actually go as well.  If we choose an all inclusive resort then this would mean that we can party upon arrival until we leave the resort.  That's like seven days and six nights of eating and drinking and just partying.  So if this was possible, here's a few places we would consider.
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Panama
  • Aruba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hawaii   
Sheraton Kona Resort & Span
Oh, now it's time to wake up from my dream and back to reality.  I really want to do something special for my next birthday but I am so all over the place and there's only five months left and I have to figure out how to celebrate it.  My daughter suggested a party in Mississauga, Jeff's friends suggested to have a golf tournament then dinner, my sister suggested maybe a trip to Asia (Singapore maybe).  If you were celebrating a milestone birthday, what would you do?
Cinnibar Golf Club House

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  1. I am always down for an all-inclusive but Mike and I were a little excited about Hawaii. Wherever you choose, we will be there (hopefully timing will be on our side).