Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Worry Wednesday - Woe is me

Should I start to worry after yesterday morning? This is a photo of Jeff taken before breakfast. Was he starting to already miss me and I have not left for my vacation yet.  I cooked last night so he will have some pre cooked meal and also baked some goodies for his snack.  It was sort of funny the way he was leaning his head down.  That is why I am sharing it today.
So what else can I share that is funny that happened yesterday.  If you remember one of my post, I mentioned about being profiled as a caregiver.  Well, yesterday since I was taking my mother in law to our Spanish Class and also an extra day of volunteering, I decided to wear my caregiver uniform.  The only thing missing is my name tag.  

I am hoping that today's blog made you smile.  Do you like taking funny photos? 

1 comment:

  1. Omigoodness, you're such a dork! But you look like an authentic caregiver :) Well, you are a giver of lots of care to all who know you, so it's not exactly untrue...