Thursday, April 28, 2011

Truthful Thursday - NKOTBSB

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night?  Did you see the NKOTBSB perform?  Since this is truthful Thursday I will have to admit that I like both boy bands.  I know my daughter listened to them when they first became popular.  My favorite BSB is Nick Carter and my favorite NKOTB is Joey McIntyre.  The songs that I can listen over and over is I'll be loving you and Please don't go girl (NKOTB).  And from BSB, it has to be Quit playing games with my heart and As long as you love me.  While writing this blog, I decided to check their tour dates and cities.  They will be here at the HP Pavilion on July 2.  But my dilemma, who will I go with?

As you can see, I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and I can't believe I was able to convince Jeff to record them for me so we can breeze through it without commercials.  I hope Hines Ward wins because he has the whole package but the truth is, I don't do the voting stuff and that is the same for American Idol.  Jeff records it, we do what I call speed watching.  Who am I routing for?  I have to admit I am going for the country boy - Scotty. He is charming and very down to earth.  Even if he does not win the title, I am sure he will be a great young country star in no time. 

That's all the truth and nothing but the truth.  Today is the eve of the Royal Wedding, I should go to bed early so I can wake up at 200 am to watch it live.  NOT.

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