Thursday, April 21, 2011

Truthful Thursday - Life is Good

After coming back from holidays, I had three important appointments. First is right from the airport we had to stop by the Tax man to sign off our first joint income tax.  Second appointment was Monday for my eyes and after reading the chart with my contact lens and glasses, the doctor gave me a good report card.  My prescription is lower by .25 which was great and of course after dilating my eyes, he also announced that all is good.  I am contemplating on getting a Turquoise or Sapphire color lenses.  The last appointment is with the Dentist to get a crown.  According to Jeff this dentist is very good and does not cause a lot of pain but most of all his very funny.  Actually there will be two visit, one for fitting and the second for the final crown fitting.  Of course after all these appointments and almost forgot to mention catching up with housekeeping chores, then I will reward myself with possibly a tennis game and a golf game.   

This is also the last series of my blog about my vacation.  The photos that I will be sharing will be of nature and how it's truly a wonderful world we live in.
View from #1 Hole at Sanctuary GC - check out the Geysers
Cactus of Scottsdale
Cactus with flowers
Palm Trees taken looking up
Taken from the patio of Lookout Mountain GC
It only rained one day during our 7 days in Arizona.  The rest of the days were sunny blue skies with a little breeze just to cool off.  Life is good and thank you to my girlfriends from Canada for including me to one of the DIVA celebrations.

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