Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Sisterly Advice

For the next few months, my Sunday blog will be all about grieving.  It will be almost 3 years since my son died and I thought I was doing good and moving forward.  My sister and I talks about this off and on.  She asked me a few questions and she thinks maybe because I am too far away from those who were close to him.  She also feels that prior to moving to SJC that I was doing much better just from our chats and my poems.  So I read somewhere that writing might help ease the pain when it comes to grieving.  Maybe that is why I tend to write about my son on Sunday.  I use to read books about grieving, losing a child, etc.  Then I just stopped.  

On a happier note. When Gamble woke up yesterday morning, he saw me sitting in the living room on my lap top.  He asked why I was still awake and what I was doing on my computer.  
I was watching a video clip of Gino and his friends when they went to Winnipeg to see Kanye West.  Gamble asked who were the people on the video.  When he saw Gino he said "is that Mike?".  After that we looked at some of Gamble's photos from birth till around 18 months. He thought it was funny seeing all his baby pictures.  Then all of a sudden he says, "Ola, can I play with Angry birds on your phone.  I was actually glad he wanted to play with it because the last time he did, he was able to get me 3 stars on some of the other levels that I only had one or two stars.  When he found out that there was a new version (RIO), he asked if he could try it. Not only he got me a couple of 3 stars, he also got me a PINEAPPLE (a reward).  He got so busy trying to get his OLA 3 stars that he forgot about being hungry.  I hope this is not considered child abuse.  We ended up taking him to Golf land but not for mini golf but to play with arcade games.  He was very good with games similar to bowling and ended up getting a lot of tickets and exchange it for a couple of toys (mini skate board and step on rocket).  He got a little hungry so we had pizza for lunch.  Going home was not too bad because he knew he will be back in a couple of weeks and that does not take FOREVER.
Gamble's baby photo collection

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  1. When Gamble asked you if Gino was Mike, did you laugh? I hope you did because we did when we read this post.

    On Sundays, you could write about your grieving process or write about memories of Gino (you know, cute funny stories).