Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Timely Tuesday - Excuse me - Excuse me

Third part of my vacation stories.  You are probably wondering what this blog is about - why Excuse me.  It all started with me being in charge of setting my alarm clock for our wake up call.  What would be a good ring tone or melody that is not annoying but would actually wake us up.  So I did and the concensus was the Excuuuuuuse-me_8.ring tone.  It made us laugh so much everytime the alarm goes off which is great as it starts our day on a happy note.

Timing was very important during our trip because of all the 4 different golf course we had played.  A lot of organizing is required the night before.  Lulu was the leader so she would tasks each one of us.  I was very lucky that my job was to take care of the coupon for our golf fees.  She then tasks some one else with the condo keys (two different one each day).  But when it comes to cooking, cleaning, making coffee or tea and drinks, it seems like everyone does their part and everything gets done in such a timely manner with no whining or hissyfits.

There were 7 girls in a 3 bedroom condo.  We rented two vehicles - a white Dodge Caravan and a Steel Gray Chevy Malibu.  There were 2 main drivers and 2 alternate drivers.  All of them were great drivers specially when trying to find shopping malls.  Talking about shopping this is my great bargain shopping.  Since it's Timely Tuesday, check out the watch with big numbers for easy viewing.
And then of course, I wish I had bought this one.  It's one that I can use for a summer formal evening wear.
What happens when you have so much time at the airport?  You end up checking out every store and you end up buying another watch.

Check out tomorrow's blog with more yummy photos and hopefully some funny stories.

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