Sunday, April 17, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Sweet and Sour of my vacation

It has been over 8 days since I did a blog.  As most of you know, I went away on a 7 days girls golf week in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have so much to share but I will try and spread it during the week.  It was so nice to be away but I sure miss being with Jeff that I was calling him and sending text every day.  Does that make me needy?  The other thing I was missing was doing my daily blog.  I tried to do it using my phone by it did not really work so I gave up.  So I will do a sweet (good) and sour (bad) list best describe my vacation. 

  • a birdie on a par 3 at the Lookout Mountain Golf Course (a Hilton Resort)
  • a 30 foot putt on another hole and seeing a cotton tail bunny
  • a great dinner at The Bamboo Club - Ahi tuna with pineapple fried rice
  • a new watch, a bracelet and a flower ring
  • two new bra - Cerise(pink) and electric lime (green)
  • Rose as my room mate
  • Golf lessons from Lulu and Don from Calgary
  • Hanging out in the pool/hot tub with the girls
  • Great weather and bargain shopping
  • Touring Sedona again
  • Rainy Saturday and jam packed mall
  • Cactus in the desert that is very scary
  • Snake holes along the cart path 
  • Losing $21 at the casino but still had fun
  • Getting a headache for not eating on time
  • Missing some of my favorite TV shows 
  • Losing golf balls in all four courses
  • One hour flight delay on my return flight
  • Elevation issues on at least 4 of the holes at the Lookout Mountain GC
  • Being in the same city as where the SHARKS are playing but no stinking tickets
Well, there's still a lot of things to do and a lot of catching up.  I have some photos to share and a lot more stories.  NHL playoff has started and Jeff recorded the shows that I have missed so I will be glued to the TV for a couple of days to catch up.

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