Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply Saturday - Easter Angry Birds

This game is getting to be so addicting.  I have not finished the Cowboy series and RIO, now they have released the Easter Seasonal.  Since I have been trying to get 3 stars before moving to the next level, it has taken me longer to do the others.  While I was in Arizona, I only had a chance to play for it for a couple of days.  When I returned, I still did not play, until I had to show Jeff where the other Banana's were hidden.  I also had to show Annette how to get the other Banana's.  My apologies for others who do not play this really fun game on our phone.   If you have any tip on getting those Bananas or finding the Golden Egg, please, please, I would love to read it on my comment section.

For some today is called Holy Saturday where they would spend part of the day attending special Holy Week services in their own church.  As for others it is a day to check out the Easter sales and to start preparing for the big Easter Egg Hunt and the sumptuous Easter Brunch or Dinner.  But whatever you are doing this weekend, whatever your belief is, please remember what we have been given in life and appreciate all the love from family and friends.

Today I will be spending some of my time baking chocolate cupcakes and decorating it with Easter jelly beans.  In addition to this, I will be making my fresh salsa that I learned from Blanca, she is from the outlaws - Jeff's daughter in law's mother.  And last but not least, I will also be making my so called Asian fruit salad.  It is different than a regular fruit salad because all the ingredients are fruits from Asia.  I start with draining all the different can of fruits (fruit cocktail, lychee, jackfruit, palm seeds) then I add a can of Nestle's Cream.  Mix it and refrigerate, that's it.  

Last Thursday after golf, I happen to stop by my hairstylist salon WILSON's to say hi to Paul, who was the hairstylist that was just visiting from Orange County, CA.  I think I talked about it on one of my blogs.  When I got there, I found out he went back to LA, so I missed him.  What was funny was that when Wilson (my new hairstylist) saw my hair, he was very impressed with how I did it and started playing with my hair while we were talking about my Arizona trip.  By the time I left the salon, my hair looked very sleek and sexy and no charge.  They are like my new friends, I can stop by anytime and say hi and then they fix my hair a bit.  I am so lucky I was able to find a truly great salon that is friendly, amazing talent and so much fun to visit.  Here's a photo of the flower but if you look closely, you can see their hairdryer hanging from the ceiling.  It is so unique the way they did it, it's like attached to a bungee cord.
Taken from Wilson's Salon - my hairstylist

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