Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Timely Tuesday - Green hills with cows

For the past couple of months I have been watching the hills near our house get greener and greener.  I wanted to take a picture but the cows that I have seen most mornings have not been there.  Last Sunday, Jeff saw the cows and took the photos so I could see it and share it.  You are probably wondering what's exciting about this?  Remember how it does not take much to make me happy, well, when I see the cows enjoying the sun and having their snacks, I am thankful for the scenery but also seeing that the cows still have such green grass to munch on.

The other photo that I wish to share today was taken this past weekend.  It's timely because when Gamble sleeps over, we sort of try to follow the same schedule he has at home.  Like, he takes a shower around 800 pm and then we play a little and then I read him a couple of books.  I was not quite finished with the second book and he can't hardly stay awake.  He kept yawning and rubbing his eyes and still tries to stay awake.  My voice must have been so soothing that he fell asleep before the end of the book. 

Notice the raindeer PEZ container I was holding for him.

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