Friday, April 22, 2011

Family and Friends Friday - Remembering

Good Friday was a day of prayers, fasting and remembering who died for us.  This is what I remember as a child growing up and attending an all girl Catholic School.  Three years ago we have lost so many family members as well as friends.  At this time I would like to take a few moments to remember all of them. 
For some today is a holiday and it makes it a very long weekend because they not only get Good Friday, they also get Easter Monday.  Here in the USA it's a great week to shop because there will be lots of Easter sales and some stores even have early hour shopping as well as very late hours. 

Today is also a special day because it is Annette's birthday.  Annette is my mother-in-law, my volunteer partner, my shopping assistant, my lunch and movie date, my Spanish classmate and of course my friend.  She has a great sense of humor and has a lot of energy - she walks faster than me.  She is so easy going and very thoughtful and caring.  From the first time I was introduced to her, I knew that we would get along very well.  While I was still living in Canada, we were pen pals.  We wrote a lot to each other even though we had emails and telephones.  I love getting her letters/cards because it is always very unique and special, not to mention a lot of stickers.  I am hoping it will be a nice day so we can do something different today.  May Annette have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.  We will have a belated dinner for her because she has given up sweets and dessert for Easter.  Jeff and I will take her out for a dinner and a movie sometime next week.

What does Good Friday mean to you?  Did you give up something for Easter?  Where will you be spending your Easter Dinner?  Any plans of an Easter Egg Hunt?  I remember one year when Jeff surprised me and I had my own Easter Egg hunt in his backyard.  
Just a little something yummy to look at.  This was the cupcakes that Linda had for her belated birthday celebration while we were in Scottsdale.

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