Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wimbledon Wednesday - It's almost over

Only a few more days left and Wimbledon will have the final winners.  Although I enjoyed most of the matches, there are some that I just fast forward.  If you have been following my blog, you know who I don't cheer for and don't want to listen to their interview.  It would be a much better tennis world if they are not part of it.  But can you imagine if they did retire and became part of the sportcast team for tennis.  OMG, I think that would even be worst.  For the women's section, I am cheering for Maria Sharapova.  She is such a great player with no drama as well as very professional during interviews.  As for the men's section, my all time favorite Roger Federer is going to play the semi finals against Andy Murray, of course I will be cheering for Roger.  During the last week matches, they showed one of his tweets with a bunch of emojies.  I loved it.  After this weekend, I will have to wait a whole month before the US Open 2015 begins.  At least the time difference will only be three hours.  Good luck to all my favorites and look forward to seeing your matches this weekend and at the US open.

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