Monday, July 20, 2015

Mishmash Monday - Maybe or not

  • Sunday was spent at a golf tournament and although my score was not worth mentioning, I am happy to report that I won the closest to the pin on hole #7.  It measured 11 ft 11 inches.  What was the prize? A sleeve of Titleist velocity.
  • There's more cherry tomatoes than I can consume so I shared some with friends. Please check out some of the photos of our harvest.
  • A little disappointed that Jordan Spieth did not win the OPEN.  Well, sometimes in life you have to experience some disappointment.  He's still my favorite.
  • Traffic sometimes on the highway really annoys me when there shouldn't be.  Most of the time there's nothing to really slow down the traffic.  Today it was about a motorcycle that was stopped on the left side with two police vehicle.  There was nothing blocking the road and there was no accident.  It was merely a regular police checking the motorcycle and it's rider.  What is to ogle or looky look at?  If only people just ignore and keep on driving, then there should be no traffic.
  • I don't understand why smokers still flick their cigarettes out of their car on to the dried grass along the highway.  Although the photos I took are not burning, I thought maybe this is why California has these wild fires.  Just an observation.
  • Nail art for this week is my favorite green with white flowers and some black stem.  Yes, it is my own ideas and only took half an hour to complete and has lasted a week and counting.

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