Monday, July 13, 2015

Minions Monday - I couldn't wait

July 10th was the first day of the Minions movie in the theaters.  A few weeks ago I told Jeff that I would wait at least a couple of weeks before we would go and see it.  Last Saturday afternoon shortly after our nap, we decided to check out the show times.  Since Jeff knows that I hate watching it in the theater when I know there are going to be some kids involved, we both had an idea of watching the movie at the nearest Drive in theater.  You are wondering why I don't like watching when I know there's going to be kids.  It's pure luck or just because, it doesn't matter which seat we would pick, there would be some kid behind me that would constantly kick the back of my chair.  Sometimes it's not just kids, even adults and it is so annoying.  You can tell them but most of the time they ignore you and maybe sometimes even do it more once you tell them.  This is one of the reason why we just wait for whatever movie we would like to see to be available ON Demand.  There is only one drive in that's close to our home so we checked out the times, cost and was happy to see the results.  We left an hour early to make sure we weren't rushed and when we arrive there, we were completely so so wrong.  The line up was very slow and very long that we thought we will miss the beginning of the movie.  When we finally got the ticket, there was not much parking left and we had to take the one which was not a great location but it was good enough.  Since the Minions was the first movie showing, we were able to leave the place right after the movie.  The next movie was Jurassic Park which I was not interested in seeing.  Anyway, after that experience, Jeff and I decided that we love watching movies in the comfort of our living room, with free food and drinks, no annoying kids/adult kicking my chair and most of all we don't have to worry about parking, etc.  Oh, almost forgot, I can't do a review of the movie because my daughter will be watching it with her friends in a couple of weeks.  PS. I am never going to that drive in theater again.

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