Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprising Saturday - I am gettting light green thumb

A couple of days ago I sent my sister a photo of the spider plant that I started growing after snipping from the ends.  Then I planted them in a bigger pot and have been keeping an eye on it.  Although Jeff does all the watering outside, I have some plants that I sort of can call my own.  I pull the weeds, move them around, talk to them sometimes and basically try to keep them alive.  Well, when my sister saw the photo of the plant, she told me that my thumb are starting to look light green.  Apparently my sister's thumb is really green because she can truly care for her indoor and outdoor plants without killing them.  Now I would like to show off some of my plants.  Maybe there is hope for me, but for now I am just happy that I haven't killed any.  The orchid plant that I got for my birthday is still alive with seven flowers in bloom.



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