Friday, July 24, 2015

Forthright Friday - Just a little

Are you able to say exactly what you had in mind without hesitation?  Or do you always think twice before opening your mouth?  Do you always like to have the last word?  I seem to recall that when I was younger, I did not have the guts to say how I truly feel.  Maybe as I get older or maybe because of my work experience, I am now able to speak up.  Sometimes I am careful though because it might not be political correct or just a bit forthright.  Here's an example.  I was golfing with a couple of my buddies volunteer and when we got to the 18th hole, there was a couple who just came out of nowhere.  My friend ask them where they came from and the response she got was something like they let at least three other groups go before them.  When we were about to tee off, I see this woman teeing off in front of us.  I approached her and ask what she was doing.  She said that it was their turn.  I told her that they have not been the group that we have been following for the back 9.  She said " why would I be lying to you" and I responded " I did not say you were lying, "you cannot just jump in front of us whenever you want.  It is your fault that you let all three groups before you, so technically you have to wait after we tee off".  She did not have anything to say as I walk away.  My friend told them go ahead.  Two weeks later at another golf course, my group was following a four some that was really taking extra time and not keeping up with the pace of play.  After the front 9, they stopped to get some lunch which delayed them even more. One of my buddies ask them if we can play through, and their response was NO as they have been waiting for the group in front of them.  So even though I was not part of the conversation, "I said NO YOU'RE NOT because there's an open hole in front of you for the last four holes".  They did not say a word because they knew I was right.  Self confidence plus knowledge and experience is the key.  

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