Sunday, July 12, 2015

Surplus Sunday - more tomatoes

Every other day I would go out of our backyard to check out what is happening with Jeff's vegetable garden.  If you recall he has pulled all the carrots and the green onions.  Now I wait for the tomatoes to get the nicest red before picking them.  I also get very excited when the yellow squash starts to get the shape.  Sometimes when the weather is very hot, it seems like the grow twice as big in a day.  There are more cherry tomatoes that I can handle.  They are so good on salads,  my vegetable breakfast frittata (tomatoes, sweet basil, cheese), and a new recipe I tried (stir fry yellow squash, tomatoes, sweet basil, green onions and carrots).

This is the fifth one.  It's just nice to cook something that comes from our garden.

We may never get to eat these but it's just nice to watch them grow.

Every other day I get about this much in my little basket.

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