Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sugary Saturday - Donuts anyone?

When I get a craving for some donuts, it seems to be happening later in the evening.  Jeff always tells me that I need to change the craving to begin in the morning.  Donut shop are usually open early and closes early.  I guess I got spoiled by Tim Horton's Donut in Canada as I can get them fresh any time of the day or night.  After several attempts of finding a donut shop that is open late, we finally found one.  I am not going to reveal the location because I don't want the people to get there before me.  Not only that this shop is open 24 hours, they have a great variety of donuts and the sizes are just over the top.  My favorites are the glazed twists or fritters.  This particular shop cells not only apple and blueberry, they have the pineapple fritter.  Although you have to make sure you are there early in the morning as it's sold out by mid morning.


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