Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tentative Tuesday - Lost a bit of my bounce

When I flip the page on my quote calendar a few days ago, it said "The only thing we can count on in life is that it will change".  It certain applies on how I fell when I wake up in the morning.  Most mornings I am just pumped and ready to go but lately it seems like once a month there's a few days that I lose my bounce.  I truly cannot pin point what it is, I just don't feel 100 percent.  When those days happens, I know that it's time to take it easy.  The body is telling me that it needs a bit of recharging so I give it a boost.  It usually takes a two or three days of doing just the minimum chores.  It will also mean that I will take a couple of naps, eating lightly and just chilling.  Does all of the above works?  Yes, for me it definitely does.  It's not for everyone but at least I know that after a few days and I still don't have the bounce, then I might send my doctor and email and maybe get an appointment.  Tomorrow is my third day and I should start feeling better.  Sometimes this is one of the reason why you won't see any new posts, specially my daily followers.  But here's some photos to make you hungry.

Jeff made this cake for our Sunday dinner with MIL

Then he grilled these marinated veggies - harvested from his garden.

Although I do the marinating, Jeff does all the grilling of the smokey BBQ ribs.


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