Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tenacious Tuesday - Training and Tending

For the past few days, Jeff has been harvesting some of the fruits and vegetables from his garden.  I have been trying to post some of the latest harvest but sometimes I forget to take photos.  The other day he picked an apple from the tree he planted last summer.  All the three trees were grafted to have at least four different types of fruits.  The apple tree has 4 different types of apples.  The second one has plum, apricot, peaches and nectarines.  I am sure I have shown the perfect plum which I ate after returning from Vegas.  The third one is a variety of cherries.  So far not fruit is coming from that tree.  I know I promised to post photo from the 4th of July dinner but I realized I forgot to take them when we were having our dessert.

This was the first apple that we tasted and it was sweet and crisps.

We hope these will have a chance to grow before the squirrels ruin them.

These are the final harvest of this year's carrots.

The peaches were not ready but the plum was yummy.

This was harvested today and it was a bit bigger in size.

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