Thursday, July 9, 2015

Threading Thursday - Automatic

Something is wrong with my automatic needle threader and I can't figure it out.  When Jeff fixed it the last time when it got stuck, it was working great.  My old sewing machine did not have that so it was frustrating at times when you try to get the thread to go into the tinniest hole.  Although there's a little tool I could use, the automatic threader is much more convenient and fast.  I have started sewing some items for my purse which I am making sets of different patterns and colors. Here are the completed ones, the one waiting to be sewn and the two waiting to be cut.

Blue set on the left and black and grey set on the right.

Purple set and brown set to match my purses.

The red set which will include fabric wallet, cell phone cover, cards, earbuds, glasses holders.

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