Thursday, July 16, 2015

Treasured Thursday - It's still alive

This might be considered a little bit about bragging, but if you know my history about plant care, then you would understand and actually just cheer for me.  When I got the Orchid flower plant for my birthday, all I could think of is that the person doesn't know me well.  I still appreciated the fact that it was a very practical gift that would have some meaning.  She told me a little bit about where I should let it sit as we as the watering schedule.  Another friend who has many experience of plant care and gardening also provided some tips.  Now I am proud to show you that the plant is still ALIVE.  I have never moved it from the spot that my friend told me place it.  Although I don't check it every day, I do check it once a week.  The number of flowers are still the same and it looks very healthy after three months.




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