Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Treatment Tuesday - Drugs and side effects

Do you always read all the fine print that accompanies your prescription drugs?  Do you read all the side effects?  Don't you find it weird that although it might cure what your ails might be, the side effects are much more harmful than what it is suppose to help.  A long time ago when my father was hospitalized, I happen to be in their area visiting.  When I asked my mother why there are so many pills my father had to take.  She really couldn't explain.  My sister and I decided to have a meeting with my father's attending physician.  OMG, we couldn't believe some of the drugs they have him take.  Even without doing the research, just by asking what each of the pill does,etc. we were able to request that at least half of them were unnecessary and that my father would not truly require them.  Some of them was making my father more ill, unresponsive and other issues that were all the side effects of whatever drug they were pushing to him.  He was placed in a senior home a few months after.  Now it's happening all over again.  This time, to my brother.  It is very sad to see people being taken advantage by these doctors and pharmaceutical company.  They seem to just want to push the drugs and not really care what it does to an individual.  I am sure there many aging individuals specially the ones in the executive class nursing homes that are victims of these.  The relatives are unaware specially if they are not involved in their day to day lives.  Some of us are blessed with the mental ability to understand the prescribed drugs we are given.  We are able to ask questions, other alternatives, etc.  Did you hear the story of the couple who are experiencing so much hardship for treatment of cancer?  The choice they have to make is losing a home or losing a loved one.  It's expensive to live and funerals aren't cheap either.

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