Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Friday - With or without drama

As we get older, it feels like we don't have as much patience or we get so set in our ways.  For years everyone was taking care of children, then taking care of parents.  Then one day you realize that you are now free of those responsibilities.  You are now really enjoying life but it took all of 60 years to get there.  I feel very lucky to have a great relationship with Jeff .  There are no drama, no stress, no complaints, no whining nor mind games.  We both are very caring in our own way as well as very respectful of each others family issues.  Being in a blended family is a bit difficult and at times very trying.  The other half of my family is in Canada so it's only blended on Jeff's side.  The rest of my family (sister, brother, cousins) are also in Canada.  So technically, I don't have that family, but Jeff is my family now and of course my wonderful MIL.  When you hear all the issues of family life from friends, sometimes it is good that your family issues are not as bad.  Some have too much drama and others are just difficult to deal with so you just avoid them.  But then you hear other stories of family who get along so well that we have monthly or yearly reunions, etc.  They even have their own website or newsletter or some other social media connections.  My brother said one day that I have changed.  Maybe so, but don't we all.  It might be a little selfish that I prefer not to get too involved in other family issues.  After retiring, I have taken this new attitude of truly enjoying each day in whatever I choose to do.  At the end of the day, I know that I spent every minute of every hour doing what I love the most and have no regrets.  

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