Thursday, January 16, 2014

Truthful Thursday - Why are they afraid to be nice?

It has been two weeks since my sister left and I keep forgetting to talk about some of the things that she noticed during her visit.  Hopefully I don't offend some of my readers but I just wanted the truth to be told.  During our shopping trips, I had to keep telling my sister to be careful when walking through the parking lot or crossing the streets.  Since she comes from Canada, she feels it is very similar here, where drivers are courteous.  I proved her wrong.  There was a time I had to pull her to the side as the oncoming car in the parking lot was a little too fast for my liking.  From then on she realized that what happens in Canada does not apply here.  One other thing she noticed is that when you are nice enough to let a car go ahead in front of you while they are leaving a parking lot or a shopping plaza, they actually don't acknowledge what you've done.  I believe they think they deserve it and do not need to be courteous by waving or even a tiny nod.  Truthfully, I am not expecting to be smiley and overly friendly, but it's a nice gesture if you acknowledge the act of kindness that one does.  A week after my sister left, I was on my way home and I counted how many cars I've let in or allowed to change lanes, etc.  you know what I mean.  It was very disappointing that out of eight cars in total, not one acknowledge what I've done.  Is it just me that feels this way or are people just not care or are just flat out rude.  Maybe I could just follow their way but deep down I know it's not right.  So there's my venting of the month, back to sewing.

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