Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sack Sunday - NFC and AFC Championship

It's a little funny that I am blogging today about football when I still don't understand some of the rules and their play.  But even if my knowledge about this sport is limited, I know which team I would like to see during Superbowl.  I really don't care who our opponent would be as the Patriots is there.  During the season, if the Patriots are not playing we tend to watch the 49ers.  Jeff is cheering for the 49ers today and I will be too and as soon as the Patriots starts playing, then I will be keeping whatever it is that I can cross to help them win.  If this is the case, then 49ers and Patriots will both be attending the Superbowl.  This season I have watched a lot of the NFL games even if the above teams were not the ones playing.  It was more like a learning experience and Jeff usually explains if I have a particular question or I would actually really listen to what the referee would say after a penalty.  Another interesting point is that I know already most of the quarterbacks for each of the team.  A few years ago, the only thing I'm good at is naming all the different teams in the NFL.  After this season, I am happy to report that I really enjoy watching NFL Sunday and MNF because I understand the play, maybe not all, but enough to know what just transpired.  OK, it's time to watch the exciting game of football.  Whatever team you are cheering for, good luck and maybe the best teams win.


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