Monday, January 20, 2014

Meticulous Monday - My difficult client

Taking a little break from doing the same thing over and over is a good thing.  After making a number of pin cushions and finishing the new born baby order, I decided to accept an order from one client.  At the beginning I thought it would be an easy order because it was small and I have done a few for my daughter before.  The order - a manly ear bud holder.  The client - my husband.  The cost - $0.00  and so I began.  I started cutting the fabric and figure out what he was actually wanting me to accomplish.  After one proto type, I realize how meticulous he was.  We discussed it, he drew something, I tried pinning the fabrics, and so on.  This went on for at least half an hour.  Finally I think I figured it out but he was still not satisfied.  I was getting frustrated that I decided to quit for the day and told him that he would just have to accept what I've done.  For now it's off the drawing board but I know that we will have to revisit as he still wants the manly ear bud that easy to put away and take out. After all that, I forgot to take a photo to share.

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