Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sweet Saturday - What is a long playing?

Sometimes in life there's something simple that makes your day just so wonderful.  When my cousins were leaving for their trip to Manila, they ask me if there was something that I really like that they can bring back.  At that time I couldn't think of anything and I did not really want to inconvenience them.  A few days ago they came back and they give me a nice treat - a Long Playing.  Everyone knows that a long playing aka LP is a record or as they call them now vinyl.  I couldn't help but laugh because when I saw the treat, it was my favorite from when I was a kid.  It's made of peanuts and panutsa (unrefined brown sugar?).  Since I can only eat a very tiny piece at a time, this long playing treat lasts for a while.  So if you have not heard of this treat, I would like to introduce to you my Long playing aka sweet peanut.  It's really interesting the way they have renamed it - a great way to advertise and for curious tourist.

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