Saturday, January 18, 2014

Selection Saturday - I think I'm done

Like any other sewing projects that I start, once I've done at least a dozen then it's time to quit. It has been a fun couple of weeks doing my pin cushion collection.  Although I don't do it every day, it still took some of my time each day to finish a few pieces.  Each and everyone of the piece is special because I really try and not to have something that is identical.  I guess that is why it takes longer at times.  Picking the fabric, the colors, the accessories (accent) for each is the most exciting time during my couple of hours on the project.  Every time I finish a piece and I think it's too cute, I usually send a photo to my daughter.  She is probably getting tired of seeing all those pin cushions.  One of the piece will be for my friend's daughter.  It's funny how she likes the same pin cushion as my daughter.  I am guessing it's their age or just similar taste.  My sister just told me that she also like the same chevron style.

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